Gaujharan ark
Gaujharan ark
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Gaujharan ark

Studies has shown that cows urine has good amount of essential vitamins and mineral . As per ayurveda it is hot  pungent and reaches to the tissue  without delay  it helps in balancing the three dosas i.e. pitta vata and  kapha  and relife  from many diseases

Product Description :

It is very useful for cancer patient s .It has a lots of medicinal value.It relives several diseases and gives relife from jundice,liver diseases reducing weight and skin problems


 It contains purely distilled cow urine

Directions of use

10 to 20ml with equal volume of water ,twice a day  in empty stomach or directed by physican

 Uses of product

●     losing weight

●     general debility

●     obesity

●     vaata roga

●     abdominal deasis

●     skin deasis

●     asthama

●     cough

 Importance of product :

no side effect,chief for economy ,eco friendly,easily available,a good service for nation ,culture,and gaurakshya

 Precautions "

don”t take milk within one hour before and after taking ark


 Product available at :

sant shree asharam jibapu ashrams stall 


 Cost : 35/-  INR

How do I get it ?  online at ,and from all ashrams stall

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