Diabetic tablet
Diabetic tablet
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Diabetic tablet

Product Description : Diabetes  tablet is very effective herbal medicine to control diabetes naturally. it helpes in achieving better control over blod sugar level increases insuline secreation from pencreas diabetes reduces vitality of whole body and specially effects the nerves and blood vessels. regular course of diabetes tablet improves over all health in adiabetic and protect nerves hear blood vessel eye and kidne ys So take diabetes herbal medicine regular ly to get long healthy life

Composition : It contains Giloy,,,Sanay pati,Ajwain,Harad ,Tulsi and Ghan

Direction of use : two-two tabs thrice daily in empty stomach with water,

Uses and benefits  of the product : 

  1. It activates the pancreas and help it to secret a balance quantity of insuline through which extra glucose gets converted to glycogen
  2. It removes irritation and weakness as well as increases the capacity of brain by making it strong
  3. This medicine is useful in the numbness of hands and feet and makes the nervous system very strong
  4. It removes complication like weakness ,exhaustion ,and tension  due to diabetes
  5. It protect the patient from thirst,frequent urination ,loss of body weight ,blurred of eye vision tingling sensation,tiredness ,infection of skin gums and urethra
  6. it strengthens the immune system of body and increases hope as well as self confidence

Precautions : Avoid milk before and after taking medicine.

Product available at :  Sant Shri Asharam ji Bapu Ashram's stall  

Cost : 40/- INR 

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Diabetic tablet
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