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Cow Breeding is important for Environmental Protection. Lord Krishna has said Cow as 'Kamdhenu' that meets all our desires. All Gods reside in the body of Cow. The scriptures states that deity of wealth Lakshmi first appeared as the cow and Bilva tree originated from its dung.  The praise of cows is mentioned in the Vedas with spirit of hymns and mantras.

"Hey Cows! You are provider of food, With your kind we get food. You are adorable. on serving you we get virtuous and high sense. You are giver of energy and strength, you enable us to get energetic and strengthen. You raise funds and property, so we also have growth in property.'"  --  Yajurveda

Cow and Environment:

1) Cow's Voice destroys all the bacteria in the environment and spread Pious waves.

2) oxygen is produced by offering Cow's ghee in fire. - Scientific Shirovicha, Russia

3) spraying of cow's urine and dung is useful in outbreaking dirt and epidemic.

4) The breathing of cow, Cow dung, Cow urine pures atmosphere.

5) Event - A patient of TB cured just by collecting cow dung and staying in cowshed.

6) To avoid the fatal consequences of Worldwide molecular and molecule fluid effects the famous scientist Shirovich of Russia has suggested -

    * cow's milk, yogurt, buttermilk, ghee, etc. should be taken by each individual.

    * roof, wall and courtyard of home should be smeared from the dung.

    * Compost prepared with cow dung should be used in agriculture field.

    *  To prevent atmosphere from deadly radiation cow's ghee should be offered in fire.

7) 4,500 liters  of Biogas  can be get from per cow dung per year.  if entire cow dung of country is used in biogas plants then we can save 6 million 80 lakhs tons of wood which we are currently using for burning as fuel. It can save nearly 14 million tree.

Cow and Indian Culture:-

Cow is a symbol of divinity and the divinity of the Holy of Holies of indian culture. Cow grant exclusive mankind offers. It provides mother-to-like beneficence, longevity and health. It serves human being by many kinds. Man can never repay these favors, grants and gifts.The pale weak man becomes strong, healthy and languid man becomes stunning by consuming milk of cow. The cow increases the beauty of house. That's why the cow is assumed as mother and godlike and we pray her with divine essence 'Matev Rakshti'. Cow's importance and glory is immence. The cow is considered auspicious in our country. It is not unreasonable sense of respect for the cow. Ancient India is joyous and prosperous by serving cow and the fact in today time is equally well suited.

Agriculture and Cow Rearing

Indian agriculture has close ties with cow rearing. They complement each other. One nourishes the other. Economic structure of our country depend on Cow rearing because here the main source of livelihood of most of the people is  agriculture  and its premise is bull, which  we get from cow. Cow herd is the basis of our economies. It can not be neglected.

Agriculture is impossible without neat cattle. If in today's so-called scientific era instead of neat cattle, the farming is done with tractors, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc., then its awful consequences today is not unknown. If agriculture, land, grain etc. is saved from ruining, then namely natural neat cattle farm based agriculture is essential to re-adopt.

Western scholars and wise also sees cows sacred and with respect.

'' I can imagine that a cow can live without country, but I guess it could not have even dreamed that a nation can live without the cows. ''  -- Sir William Baderwarn



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