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Rural Employment

"Cow is basis of our Economy-- Gyani Jeil Singh, Ex- President of India

Cow's life have welfare impacts in all areas of our health, culture, natural environmental balance, economy, agriculture, energy. Industrialization, chemical practices, urbanization and increasing efforts to so called modernisation arise many nuisance. An atmosphere of happiness and prosperity can be brought back into society by cow rearing and promoting cows. To make mind of people in this way the establishment of gaushala is done.. Both rural and urban areas people are getting benefit from this. the need of pharmaceutical products from cow is higher in urban areas. Because cities are good source of sale of these products. The second interesting thing is that cities have more means of money , and if this money is sent to rural areas for cow promotion then cow protection schemes can be materialize       

Today Rural self employment is burning necessity of country. one of the source of this can be setting up of cow based industries, i.e. cow, calf  can be utilize for tasks like drinking water, energy, miling, agriculture, transport, carriage works, oilseeds , cow dung-urine biogas making, compost, controller etc. The women are participating with their interest in protection of cows. By improving the breed of cattle, ox-herd can get milking cattle.

Time to time, training programs are arranged many times in a year in gaushaalas so as to promote self employment and independence among farmers of rural and urban areas. Many processes in relation to cow protection, preparation of panchgavya product and vermi compost are taught to individual, family and villages so as to make them self sufficient.

Especially, in Gaushaalas of Niwai, Sheopur, Kota, Ludhiana, Ratlam etc. thousands of people and their families are being obliged by engaging in activities like production of panchgavya, cow protection, Collection of fodder and feeding cows etc.. The presentation of  all these activities is broadcasted  by doordarshan news channel. 

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Rural Employment
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"Cow is basis of our Economy" -- Gyani Jeil Singh, Ex- President of India Cow's life have welfare impacts in all areas of our...